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Doctor Who Audiobook | The Last Voyage

Doctor Who: The Last Voyage
Written by Dan Abnett
Read by David Tennant
2 hours, 14 minutes in length
MP3 format (thank you [info]sequanne)

TheTARDIS materialises on board the maiden voyage of a pioneering spacecruiser, travelling from Earth to the planet Eternity. The Doctor hasjust started exploring the huge, hi-tech Interstitial TranspositionVehicle when there is a loud bang, a massive jolt, and a flash oflight. Shortly afterwards, he discovers that nearly all the passengersand crew have disappeared. Unless the Doctor and flight attendant SugarMacAuley can take control and steer the ship, they could crash-land orkeep slipping through space forever. And as if that wasn't enough,something awful awaits them on Eternity.

Sendspace link: www.sendspace.com/file/it6jg3

ETA: And here's Megaupload: www.megaupload.com/?d=U83SNO9I

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